Adam Roche

Black Ops 4

Whilst being full time at Spov, I was brought on for two days, to contribute to the FX work for the Call of Duty - Black Ops 4 game.

I was asked by the Project Lead Andrea Braga, to create the visual effects for Firebreaks flamethrower, and the impact smoke from Ruins Grav Slam effect.

My duties were to bake the characters animation, for collision objects, add debris on impact, and fire and smoke simulations using Cinema 4D and Turbulence FD. X-Particles was used to drive the fire in the flame thrower.

Below is the montage created by Project Lead Andrea Braga, and underneath is my contribution to the project and full credit list.

Ruin - FX Clips

I have made some animated GIF’s below of my contribution to the FX work for Black Ops 4.

Firebreak - FX Clips

Firebreak - FX Clips



Client - Activision / Treyarch

Produced by - Spov

Creative & Design Lead - Andrea Braga
Design Leads - James Brocklebank, Miles Christensen
3D & Comp Lead - Mantas Grigaitis
3D & FX Lead - Julio Dean
3D Team - Marcel Piekarski, Jim Greenslade, Marco Gifuni
2D Animation - Luis Ribeiro, Pedro Cyrne, Samantha Thompson, Kieran Gee-Finch Ryan Rafferty-Phelan
Character Animation Lead - Tammy Smith
Character Animation - Mindwalk Studios, Jason Kotey
FX and Simulations - Javier Verdugo, Xevi Polo, Adam Roche
2D Design - Khairul 'Keko' Ahmed, Yugen Blake
Production - Gerri McCarthy, Samia Ahmed
Sound Design - Zelig Sound
Music - Treyarch